Thursday, December 17, 2015

Like movement

today my uterus moved.

Let me back up.  All these months going to Jen to get my belly massaged, all the money and all the work and all the pain and all the frustration and now all the looseness.  She exclaimed today that it was a totally different belly than when I came before.  And I don't even thing it was her shining  me on. :)

I feel like I might be making progress. 

Things to remember from today.

Wiley Coyote (temporary name) just wants me to get diet coke because he is seeking pleasure for me because he loves me.  He doesn't understand that I don't need dopamine, I need oxytocin. 

I want to make it an effort to do castor oil packs, warm my belly, self care and take my herbs. 

About a month until my birthday.  It has been a hard 8 months but I am doing it.  I'm doing the work and making the changes. 

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