Tuesday, September 25, 2012

On Writing

There seems to be something of too many words in this world lately.  I feel it when I get up in the morning and sit in my old thrifted yellow brocade rocking chair looking at the sun rising.  I feel a hunger for the silence, a blessed hymn of rejoicing that no one is talking talking talking at me.

Of course, I turn on the Today Show (why do I do that??) and all the silence is blown away, out the windows, through the vents - blown away by chipper voices and devastating news.  There is too much noise and information and blah blah blah.

I crave silence but troll my blog reader.  I crave stillness but surf the net.  I long for a stop to the outside information.  I want so much to be still.

Two weeks ago I got an overwhelming urge to go to a lake cabin and sit on a dock.  I just wanted to sit there, watching the water, listening to the birds and the leaves blowing around on the ground.  I spent HOURS researching for a place to rent and finally decided on a compromise of a little house in the city to rent that had woods in the back yard.  No lake, but at least it wasn't on a main street like my apartment.  But then when I inquired about the supposedly available house I got an email back that it wasn't available after all.

I was sad but a little relieved.  It hadn't been what I wanted, really.

Then the owner of that little house wrote me a second email telling me that her brother and sister in law had just finished a lake cabin that they were going to start renting and that it was adorable and that I should contact them.  :)

So we are going to that little cabin next weekend and I am excited.

Why is it so hard to turn off the noise, even when you crave silence?

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