Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I am feeling a bit better today.  I have been a bit in the dumps lately, feeling aimless and inspirationless but I think I might be on the path to fixing that a bit!  I had a long long talk last night with Ducky, my sweet fiance, and I think I am honing in on what the problem might be.  Now, I just have to figure out what to do about it!

I have cut out my bodice pieces for the shirtdress but have yet to assemble anything...

tonight is the night!  I hope... :)

It turns out that it is good to make the skirt portion and let it hang for a bit before hemming, too, so maybe that will at least get done.  I had intended to make a muslin and do some adjustments (like my VERY FIRST FBA!) but I got so overwhelmed and frankly, scared, that I bailed on the whole thing!  I made up a straight muslin, threw it on, decided it would probably fit over the (humongous) girls and cut my fashion fabric.  Hopefully I won't rue the day I did that!

Ok then, more later...

how is your sewing going?  do you feel inspired they days?

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