Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Some years ago when I was going through some really rough personal stuff I started a blog.  I poured out my heart (to my 3 readers) and it was a brilliant outlet for me.  It helped me figure out what I was thinking and feeling about everything that was going on and it was fun to write.  After all the hullabaloo was over (more or less) I kinda dropped the writing... the whole place felt kinda tainted, ya know?

Fast forward a few years - I stumble upon this sewing blog land and fall head over heels in love.  After a few months I started to want to be a more active part of the world, not just a bystander looking in.

I'll start a blog!  And so I did!  But then I never wrote any posts.  Or commented on all the lovely posts I read...  I'm just not that wordy... I never know what to say in those comment boxes, even if I loved the post.

So I have been really struggling with what to do with this blog.  Should I drop it?  I don't sew enough to feel like I have enough to put on here.  And then I want to blather on and on about my life and thoughts etc but that isn't really appropriate on a sewing blog, right?


Well, I decided that since it is MY blog, and no one is gonna be reading it except me, I can write about whatever the hell i want to.  :)

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