Wednesday, June 27, 2012


 I just read this post by Kate of Eat the Damn Cake and was struck by how this is exactly what I have been upset about lately.  I read a lot of blogs, see, and I keep trying to cull them so I will have fewer to read but can't quite get rid of any of them.  I was thinking that what has been bothering me is a kind of  information overload or something but I think it is how sometimes it seems like everyone on the internet is yelling.

Last year when Rob Bell's book Love Wins was released I was super happy and behind it and even got this sticker for my car...

I have to admit, I keep thinking about trying to find a bumper sticker that says "I hope" that I can tack on the front so it seems less like I know for sure or like I am yelling at people that I am right. :)

Anyway, during that time there was a LOT of fighting on the internet about Bell and if he is a heretic or the best thing since sliced bread.  I think he is pretty great but hey, maybe I'm wrong.  Who knows?  No one.

And that is the thing.  I'm just so freaking tired of all the fighting, you know?  I am tired of everyone telling everyone that they are doing it wrong, whether it be mothering or womaning or worshiping or what have you.  It seems especially bad among women.  Some people have postulated that the media really likes to pit us against each other and that we snap up the bait like we are starving for it.  And that may be true.  But I just wish somehow that it could all stop.

I don't want to fight about God or if I am a good enough feminist or not because while I work full time as a scientist I DID just let my fiance buy a crazy expensive juicer so I can get vegis without the fiber that makes my autoimmune condition flare like there is no tomorrow.  Does that make me not an adult?


I suppose people have been lamenting about this forever.  People have probably always talked about how things are so uncivilized now and what not but I'm still gonna say it.

I wish people would just give it a try.  Be nicer than is necessary.  Try to preempt your judgement.  Leave a little room in your head for the idea that people have different starting points and ending points and different paths that they end up walking on and it is really really hard to see someone else's path from yours.  And maybe we could all try to spread the grace around a bit more?


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