Thursday, June 28, 2012

blue eyes

in three weeks and three days i will be flying east to marry my Ducky.  Last night as we walked through the vows part of the ceremony in his tiny little studio apartment I felt odd.  I was nervous and felt like it was strange, like I almost didn't want this ring/I thee wed part to be in the ceremony.  "it feels awkward, it feels like a joke" I said.  He smiled, "sounds like our relationship."


we are an odd pair, to be sure.  he is a visual artist, I'm a scientist.  He is loose and silly and uninhibited.  Me?  Not so much. :)

But I liked him from the start.  I just never thought that after being so devastated by my first marriage that I would take the plunge again.  I really really didn't.

But that is the funny thing about life and faith.  Somehow we just keep plowing ahead, walking boldly into the night.

Afterall, that is where the moon and the stars are, right?

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